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Being a Sailor – kindergarten 27 and daily life


Evey group in the kindergarten has its own name. LadyBugs, Teddy Bears, Ants, Strawberries, Elfs, Trackers … and Sailors with Mariana in Kindergarten No 27

by: Mariana Baptista (PT)

My day starts at 9am, when I get to the school and the kids are usually having some type of learning activity, doing some art or singing songs and that goes throughout the whole morning until right before for lunch when the teacher tells the kids to clean the classroom and then sit so the teacher can read a story until lunch is ready on their tables. After lunch, if the weather is good, or sometimes even when it’s not, the kids go to the playground to burn some energy until soup time. After soup, the kids usually just have free time to play or color a drawing, which they sometimes ask me to draw for them, my best drawing skills so far are mermaids, spider men, or just drawing the girl who asked me, with her outfit and cat or dog. And then at 15 I say goodbye and leave.

The part I enjoy the most is the care the kids have for me and everything that I do. The part I enjoy the least is when a kid is sad or upset and I try to talk to them but I don’t understand.

Working in a kindergarten and having so much contact with kids has helped me understand how things are so different when they are seen from a kids perspective, anything can be fun and beautiful if u want it to.