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Daily life in Happy 18 kindergarten


A short story how the kindergarten looks like from inside – breaks included

by: Judith Bongers (DE)

  1. Could you describe a normal day working in your kindergarten? 

On a usual day, the children usually have a task or a lesson in the morning when I arrive. So I first try to understand the exercise or ask the teacher so I can support the children if needed. After that they often have time to play and I play with them (card games, drawing or origami) or I go to the gymnastic wall with these kids who want to play football there. Here I have to watch the kids so they can play softly and keep the volume down. We usually play until lunchtime so the kids prepare the tables and the cutlery for lunch. This is where I usually take my break. After my break we go outside to the playground and I play with the children and try to ensure that they are safe. Also if the children need anything I am happy to help them. After the time on the playground we do a circle of thankfulness and reflection where the children have the opportunity to thank the others or to share their thoughts about the day. After that we sing or play something together as a group, before everyone can play whatever they want. 

  1. What do you like the most?

I really enjoy watching the children solving their tasks or conflicts between each other because it is so interesting to see how clever they already are and how creative they are acting. Often they come up with their own dances and games which really impresses me.

  1. What do you like the least?

The least I like when the children are trying to tell me something important, can be negative or positive, and when I cannot fully understand them. At this moment it is hard for me to know how to react in the correct way. 

  1. Your daily interaction with kids, what impact does it have on you?

The daily interaction with the kids, first of all, joy because I was able to build a connection and they show a lot of love. But it also has teached me to be patient as well as strict in the appropriate situations. It has impacted me in a way that I have to be more confident with myself and my actions because otherwise no one would listen to me. Because of the daily connection with the Polish language I learn about it a little bit more every day. And I can test my new knowledge in interaction with children.