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Outside the office


A few things about how the work outside the office looks like and why you need to get used to this kind of thing as well

by: Francisco Inocencio (PT)

Outside of the office, Describe how you feel in this environment?

It was quite challenging for me at first because I was not used to it and I was quite scared of leaving my usual functions and having to challenge myself into a new reality, but I must say that it is a great working environment, I love the energy of the kids, and the places are always so welcoming.

Typically, what types of activities do you develop?

A lot of diverse events and campaigns such as Blood donation, Halloween Party, Polite’s birthday, as well as workshops every week covering culture, geography, photography, national traditions, music and also art because we try to provide the kids with a useful set of skills and knowledge through handcraft activities that will help them improve their creativity at school.

Last but not least, we also visit kindergarten, so over all I find it to be a very positive experience since I get to interact with young people from different backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about this environment?

I love the games we play because they are always really funny, I love the kids energy because they are always soo engaged in the activities, eager to learn and more importantly they value and appreciate our presence which for me is super important to feel recognized for my efforts.

On top of that, I get to explore a bit more of the city and Poland in general because the locations are different which  allows me to embrace more the polish culture.

Plus when we organize workshops in these schools the topics are always dynamic and as a person I have learnt a lot also from my colleagues presentations in activities.

Is there anything about this environment that you don’t like?

Sometimes logistics can be a problem if a school is far or we have to be flexible with our usual schedule, and of course, as a communicative person for me the language barrier can be an obstacle, especially with the younger kids in kindergarten.