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Women’s We Won’t Forget


Noelia & Carmen :  Our woman of choice is Francesca Bonnemaison i Farriols: She had an important role in Catalonia at the end of the 19th century, she was an educator, writer and promoter of popular Catalan women’s education, but the most important role she had was the creation of the first public library in Europe for women in 1909. Later decided to convert the library into the Women’s Institute of Culture and Public Library, this being a training space for women that remains open today.

Why she inspires us: with effort and sacrifice she managed to open a public establishment where women could train taking into account the tense political situation that was being experienced in Barcelona.

Nino : One of the most inspiring Georgian women for me is Kristine Sharashidze – Politician, scientist and professor. She was born in Georgia, under Russian empire’s occupation. She joined the rebellious forces at very young age and at 15 she was expelled from the school for “spreading rebellious propaganda among the students”. In 1918 first democratic elections were held in Georgia, it is important to note that there were no restrictions when it came to who was allowed to vote. Women voted alongside men and five women were elected as part of parliament. One of these women was Kristine.  Kristine was also the Junior Secretary of the Presidium of the Constituent Assembly was in charge of the Library, Editorial and Public Education Commissions. She was also a member of Society for the Spreading of Literacy among Georgians. Her signature is on the declaration of independence of Georgia. 

After USSR’s occupation, she was once again part of rebellious activities and was arrested several times. She’s also the first woman professor in Georgia. 

 She was a fighter for freedom and my country wouldn’t be the same without women like her. 

Camisole & Vincent: Olympe de Gouges : the figure of an avant-garde revolutionary

Supposedly the daughter of a respected intellectual and from the petty bourgeoisie, Olympe de Gouges, whose real name was Marie, was a key figure in the French Revolution. A great activist, she was passionate about political issues, advocating the emancipation of women and opposing slavery and the death penalty. She was also one of the first to put forward concrete proposals in favour of democracy. In short, she gave her life to defend her idea of a free, safe and equal society. Sentenced to death for supporting the Girondins, Olympe de Gouges climbed the scaffold on 3 November 1793 with all her dignity intact. 

“A woman has the right to go to the scaffold, she must also have the right to go to the rostrum”

Ania: I am inspired by a diverse group of women, each engaged in unique pursuits. I deeply admire and respect them, drawing insight from their wisdom, knowledge, accomplishments, and life experiences.

My grandmother embodies unwavering character, a positive force overcoming challenges, with an open heart and honesty. Her profound understanding of life, intertwined with nature, is complemented by practical skills and a commitment to fostering a good life with others. She exemplifies class, courage in advocating for justice, and a delightful spirit filled with humor and joy.

My mother is a pillar of strength, effortlessly managing various responsibilities while recognizing and nurturing the goodness in others. Her warmth, care, modesty, and stylish resourcefulness make her an exemplary figure. She excels in diverse areas, from cooking to engaging in meaningful conversations, maintaining order, and fostering an atmosphere of peace and optimism.

Kasia is a mission-oriented individual, seamlessly executing tasks with hospitality and creating a positive environment. Her steadfast commitment extends from grassroots to leadership levels, demonstrating openness and understanding of diverse perspectives. She excels in communication, problem-solving, and collaboration, with a genuine interest in learning from and supporting others. Her dedication to volunteering, coupled with a zero-waste lifestyle and unique style, showcases her commitment to making a positive impact.

Marta embraces life authentically, radiating positive energy and fostering acceptance. Her dedication to volunteering in England and contributing to a democratic school reflects her commitment to living in alignment with her thoughts and feelings. Marta cherishes freedom, joy, and creativity, encouraging others to explore their creative potential. Her spontaneity, respect for individual needs, and connection to nature make her a beacon of peace and simplicity.

Dorota Serwa stands out for her intellect, competence, and relentless pursuit of solutions. Her remarkable ability to create and contribute with wholehearted commitment and wisdom sets her apart. Dorota’s impact is characterised by valuable and meaningful creations born out of her deep understanding and innovative thinking.

Kasia: There are a lot of women that I admire and they are an inspiration for me but I don’t have much time and language skills to write about all of them :). But if I have to choose one that would be Janina Szczerska. She was a pedagog and polish teacher who created the first polish school in Szczecin after the II World War. Before that she was a teacher in different schools. During the war she was in the Polish underground army and survived in the camp in Ravensbruck. In my personal opinion she built education in our region after the war and she was dedicated to her work and her pupiles.
Apart from that, above all, I admire the women I know 🙂 Including my colleague from work and from the association, Ania. I admire her for her creativity and lots of great ideas for children. What I learn from her every day is the ability to talk and create a good atmosphere for children, teenagers and all people who come to us. I am also learning to be understanding towards people, because we are only human and we have the right to make mistakes. Moreover, she is always open to dialogue and conversation with everyone, even if someone has completely different views. And she is the best consumer of my dishes 🙂