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Ecology: What’s your greatest effort for preserving our planet?


In our everyday lives, small actions can make a big difference in preserving our planet. From mindful food choices to staying informed about environmental issues, each effort contributes to a more sustainable world.

We asked our volunteers colleagues: What’s their greatest effort for preserving the planet?

Diana From Italy

Here are my 5 main points for a more ecological every day life:

  1. Checking the country where my food comes from before buying it and deciding which type of food to buy based on the carbon footprint and land use of its production, ex. Preferably buying chicken, pork or fish rather than red meat
  2. Keeping myself always informed about news on environmental issues and fact checking every claim or news that seem too shocking and sharing what I know when I have the occasion to do so
  3. Always dividing pieces of trash between the type, even if it takes time or is uncomfortable to do so
  4. Pay for carbon free journey on Flixbus or when available, it’s like 1€, doesn’t cost nothing
  5. Going by foot, by bike or by bus or train rather than by car or plane when I had my parents car available, I didn’t even do a driving licence because I think cars are not really necessary

Camille From France

To be honest, since I arrived in Poland I don’t feel like I’m doing much for the ecology may Mother Nature forgive me for my lazy lifestyle apart from the basics like not eating meat too regularly, being careful with my energy consumption, selective sorting and so on. But if I had to talk about the efforts I make in my normal daily life “I mean my life in France.” I’d say first and foremost my internet consumption. We don’t talk about it much when we talk about ecology, but our use of the Internet is really ecocidal, it’s a disaster. So for now, I think the biggest effort I’ve made is to pay attention to that. For example, in France I only use my touchtone phone, I don’t have any social networks, I try not to consume too much content streaming, … And then there are other things like trying to consume as few new products as possible, making things myself, being careful about the transport I use, and so on.

Together, these inspiring stories showcase the power of individual actions in creating a more sustainable future for our planet. Let’s continue to learn from each other and strive towards a greener, healthier world for generations to come. Every effort counts, so let’s keep working together to protect and preserve our beautiful Earth. 🌍💚